Leslé Ayre

United Kingdom
Angels MT • Ascension • Transform Your Life

Fareham, Hampshire

07805 941 914

I have been on this wonderful spiritual journey for some time. Each day is a learning experience for me, and it will be wonderful to share my knowledge with you. I was an aerobic instructor for many years so it seemed right to move from and include the physical with the spiritual , A new dynamic way of reaching your angels and beings of light is through ANGELCISE. A combination of gentle movement in a meditative state, correct breathing, joyful angelic motion with your angels touching your shoulders!

I am a traditional reiki master and now also an ANGEL reiki master, I cannot tell you how much joy this has brought into my life, and joining Diana coopers teachers has opened another dimension of exploration. Having the bliss of angels with me every minute of the day makes teaching and healing with these celestial beings an awesome experience.


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