Mariel Forde Clarke MT

Angels MT • Ascension MT • Golden Atlantis

Oranmore Co. Galway

+353 87 9185421

Who Am I and where did I began? This is the question that lead me to climb many mountains and down many valleys in my quest towards spiritual wholeness. My journey has not been without pain, heartache, illness and despair. But always something stronger, a force greater than my physical self was always guiding me, pushing me, and supporting me to stand tall in my own divine essence.

Over the years I’ve studied many alternative and holistic courses ranging from Reiki, Shamanic healing, Crystal healing, Feng Shui, Integrative Energy Therapy and many more. But it was through my studies with the Diana Cooper of Angels and Ascension that truly awakened my true spiritual self. The Angels have taught me to believe in the totality of impossibilities. All things are achievable when we trust and surrender to the greater power embedded deep within our souls. Through the years the Angels have and continue to guide and oversee the miraculous healing achieved through the angel workshops. The Angels bring peace, joy and love into our lives. Because we have ‘free will’ it’s important that we invite them into our lives and then watch them weave their magic as they creates the tapestry of our lives.


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