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DVD of the 12 Chakra Exercises

Chakras are vortices of vibrating Light or Energy, which link our subtle body to our physical one. Their purpose is to bring about the development of our consciousness on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.

During Golden Atlantis, twelve chakras were fully functional. Some of these centres closed down at the fall of Atlantis and as a result only seven of them are operational today. However, as we develop Spiritually, these other five chakras are reactivated.

The Diana Cooper School DVD of the 12 Chakra exercises explains how to fully activate each of the 12 chakras. The exercises are very important as we progress into the new ‘Golden Age’ for our Spiritual growth and general wellbeing. They will help ground us strongly on Mother Earth whilst at the same time opening our Spiritual Energy centres to the Heavenly and Angelic realms.

Through cleansing and strengthening these chakras as often as possible (ideally daily) our mind, body and spirit comes into balance and creates a strong foundation for Spiritual development.

The purpose of this DVD is to explain how to activate the 12 chakras.

It is divided into 2 sections

Section 1) the background and explanation of the 12 fifth dimensional chakras
Section 2) the 12 chakra exercises, followed by the exercises as a meditation.

UK Resident

The price for the DVD is £8 including postage.

NON UK Resident

The price for the DVD is £10 including postage.

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