About Us

The Diana Cooper Foundation, formerly the Diana Cooper School, is a vibrant organization, established by Diana Cooper in 2002, whose members and teachers past and present are from around the globe. The students and course participants come from many backgrounds and disciplines and as a Foundation we honour these different skills and talents, encouraging our teachers to take this work and deliver it in their own unique way: through workshops, talks, training programmes or by incorporating the teachings into their own healing work.

The Foundation maintains a broad range of activities including:

  • To promote workshops and events given by its teachers
  • Developing and running the teacher training courses
  • Selection and development of our master teachers
  • Organising the Foundation’s Annual Reunion
  • Regional meetings to socialise and support the work of all teachers
  • Maintaining the Foundation website and the Members section within it.
  • Planning and promoting Angel Awareness Day
  • Providing a regular newsletter for our Members
  • Marketing/advertising our work